009: Turning Dreams into Reality with Crystal Blue


"I can go to sleep happily at night because I know I'm doing a good thing, and I'm being a good person. Thats all we can do, I think when we're doing that, the universe takes care of us.


I first came across Crystal Blue in an article that she had written for the elephant journal entitled '11 Ways growing up abroad is ruining my daughter's life'.   The article entered into my life with perfect synchronicity because at the time I was about four months out from selling everything that I owned and moving to Kauai with my wife and two daughters, 7 and ten at the time. My daughters had spent the first portion of their life in the same town in California, surrounded by the comfort of family and friends so taking them away from everything they knew was a scary thing to do. Just like any aspect of raising children, you never really know if you are doing the right thing. I sit at night and I ponder and discuss my decisions as a parent and how what I am doing will affect my daughters. Excellent parenting requires a constant check and balance system. I knew one thing, I had to get them out of the materialistic consumer influence that they were surrounded by at the time in a conservative town in California

riverWhen I read crystal’s article, it solidified the move for me. I was going to move no matter what, but reading the article brought tears to my eyes because it was a definite confirmation that I was doing the right thing for my daughters lives. I found out who wrote the article and I sent her a message thanking her for her work. I then began following her blog online, The Enlightened Globetrekker. I have been able to watch Crystal and her daughter River traverse the globe experiencing the ultimate freedom of life.



Crystal took a leap of faith and left the conventional life to be able to do crystal-blue1the things that she loves, be with her daughter all of the time, travel, help people and serve. What's beautiful is, that through taking the leap and authentically sharing her passion with the world through her blog while remaining unattached to the outcome a business began to take shape. Now Crystal is living the dream that most keep hidden away in their hearts for a lifetime, she is doing only the things she loves and has generated an income doing it.

She's a writer, an international educator, an anthropologist, adventurer, mindful liver, world traveler, blogger at enlightened globe trekker.com, a writer for the elephant journal, founder of Enlightened Globetrekker Adventure, and most importantly an amazing mother to her amazing daughter River.

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