About Jackson


A Story of #IncreaseLife

Jackson is the founder of the IncreaseLife LLC and the cohost host of the Smoke, Talk, and Learn Podcast. Jackson is a lifelong student of the principles of success and his deep passion for this topic has transformed his life.

Jackson was born and raised in Fresno, CA which is known for it’s violence, drugs, and gang infestation. Luckily, Jackson was raised by two loving parents who made sure that he was always focused on growth and advancement. At 24 years old, looking to challenge himself to grow and to be of service, Jackson became a police Officer and spent ten years patrolling the high crime neighborhoods in which he grew up.

After a decade of extreme personal growth and pushing himself to the limit physically, mentally and emotionally, Jackson realized that he was completely unfulfilled by this career and was synchronistically blessed with the opportunity to leave. Jackson is now able to dedicate himself full-time to his true passion which is inspiring and motivating others to claim their authenticity and create a successful and happy life for themselves.

Jackson created the IncreaseLife LLC and Smoke Talk and Learn Podcast to be a space where people  can come to be inspired to aim higher in life as well as learn the inner workings behind the mindset that is success.

Jackson maintains a common core message which is that anybody at any given time can do whatever it is that they want with their lives, true freedom and happiness is always a choice away.