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009: Turning Dreams into Reality with Crystal Blue

By Jackson Gage | Nov 21, 2016

“I can go to sleep happily at night because I know I’m doing a good thing, and I’m being a good person. Thats all we can do, I think when we’re doing that, the universe takes care of us. I first came across Crystal Blue in an article that she had written for the elephant journal entitled…

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008: Success Leaves Clues w Big Will Robertson

By Jackson Gage | Nov 14, 2016

“No matter what, it’s all good. Don’t let the illusions that are presented influence your path. Keep going. Just go straight ahead. Decide where you want to go, and just go, and know that it’s all YOU.” -Big Will Robertson Like many of my guests, I met Big Will on Facebook. I was immediately drawn…

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007: Escaping the Conventional Life w Ed Herzog

By Jackson Gage | Nov 7, 2016

“Do what it takes. Do whatever it takes to get out, to live a life true to who you are, to step into your greatness. This is your moment, this is your time…Just do it” -Ed Herzog I first came across Ed Herzog through a powerful article that he had written for the world renown media…

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006: Masterminding w William Dennis

By Jackson Gage | Oct 31, 2016

  “You just need a little bit of hope to accomplish anything in this world. Regardless of how difficult it may seem, the scariest feet in the world, if you have hope and commitment, you can do it.” William Dennis William Dennis is a 31-year-old retired police officer. He retired at a young age due…

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005: Greatness is a Mindset with Michael J Allen

By Jackson Gage | Oct 25, 2016

“Everything you need to discover who you are on your journey is inside of you and all you’ve got to do is commit to knowing the truth of who you are and seek your true self from within…you will be free.” – Michael J Allen I first met Michael J Allen at the Oneness Center…

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004: Making the Radical Choice for Change w Dr. Janette Freeman

By Jackson Gage | Oct 17, 2016

“To me success is peace and happiness and serving others in a way that’s authentic and real” – Dr. Janette Freeman For the past eighteen years, Dr. Rev. Janette Freeman has been inspiring, teaching and loving people through their journey of living from their highest selves in purpose, joy and passion. She is the author…

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003: Detoxing Depression w Josh Macin

By Jackson Gage | Oct 11, 2016

“Peace, inner peace, inner well being, that’s the real grand prize man. And nothing can take that away from you, and you don’t need anything else once you have it.” – Josh Macin I recently came across the story of brazilian jiujitsu world champion Josh Macin. I was both immediately and powerfully moved. There are a…

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002: The Importance of Following your Heart – with Jake Heilbrunn

By Jackson Gage | Oct 4, 2016

Jake Heilbrunn is the author of ‘Off The Beaten Trail’, an inspiring memoir about his journey leaving college and solo backpacking through Central America at 18 years old. Jake is dedicated to empowering people to live a life of purpose and fulfillment. His writings have been featured on many sites including ‘Psychology Today‘ and ‘Pick the Brain‘. He…

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001: How to Profit from Happiness with Jake Ducey

By Jackson Gage | Sep 20, 2016

Jake Ducey was the typical young person on the path to “Business” as his college major, but inside he didn’t know why. This struggle coupled with the common stressful social life of a young person trying to fit in only added to his anxiety and confusion. Sensing that something was wrong with the path his life…

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